Fulfillment for Distribution

If you have a large number of books that are to be sent to a warehouse, distributor, or another destination and have used us for the production, we can help you save quite a bit of money sending directly to the destination as opposed to sending to you and then you forwarding the shipment on. We also work with publishers who supply retailers like Amazon for their book fulfillment.

For shipments where the entire production run is to be shipped out we can send all to a given location or split the shipment where part goes to the publisher and the rest go to the warehouse. Do you have multiple locations? Not a problem either. We simply need a list of how many go to the specific destinations.

Fulfillment for Amazon

For something like Amazon and fulfillment for their Advantage program we can also accommodate the smaller shipments they request. The way this works is we keep pre-paid stock on-hand. Figure on what you would normally send them in an average 30-60 day window for a specific book. We just need to know what the stocking levels are and approve production for that amount. That amount of copies are produced and held here.

When you get an order just forward the paperwork and we will take care of the rest. If you can print the mailing label and purchase order to a PDF that works great Just send via email and we will pull from existing stock and get them out as soon as possible. You can also, copy and paste them to a Word document or even scan to PDF and send that.

Shipping and Invoicing

At the end of the month, we send an invoice for the collective shipping. You can specify USPS Media Mail or UPS Ground for the method of shipping. With the invoice we also send a summary of however many are left in stock. If you get an order from some place other than Amazon, we can fulfill that too such as an author request or direct to retailer.

The cost of this is simply the actual shipping cost and the cost of the container(s).


Using our fulfillment option for books we produce can greatly reduce the cost of double shipping the same books.