Self-Publishing FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Self-Publishing with Gray Dog Press

Many authors are now finding success with self-publishing. Where self-published books were once considered poorly designed and in need of editing we are seeing high-quality, well-edited books emerging in today’s market. While you can do much yourself, you should also consider input from professionals for editing and design.

Gray Dog Press is a provider of author services and can help you achieve your goal of getting your manuscript to market. Below are a number of things to you will encounter while working with us.

Setup time

Setup time is charged based on the amount of time that it takes to collect files, format the manuscript, layout the text, scan and insert images if any, collect or scan elements for the cover, layout or design the cover, generate proof copies, make corrections and any extensive consultation time. This is charged and collected after the book is set up and prior to production.

Generally, we will counsel you in regards to those things we feel you can do to save a lot of the setup time charges. Also, if we find that the layout, image scanning, insertion, corrections or whatever part may become time intensive we will counsel you in regards to either ways to eliminate the time or may show you the techniques necessary to do it yourself.

If you can set up the interior and the cover of the book yourself and we only generate production copies there is no setup charge. Proof copies will be charged for simply as an additional copy, or copies, with the production run.

The setup is a one-time charge and subsequent purchases are only the cost per copy assuming no additional work or corrections are made.

Cost per copy

The cost per copy is based on a number of factors, but, assuming we are producing a soft cover book with a color cover and black print on the interior, it is primarily page count, format size and quantity. Other factors such as color illustrations, non-stock papers, or special processes can dramatically affect the cost of production.

Generally, until the book has been worked through to an initial layout we cannot determine the final cost. We can provide an estimated cost which is usually within 5% plus or minus.

Quantities of less than 24 books are considerably more expensive than those in the 52, 100 or 200 range. Also, when we produce books we do so in multiples of 4 for formats 6 X 9 and below and multiples of 2 for formats larger than 6 X 9. So if you want 50 of your 6 X 9 book it will be rounded up to the nearest multiple.

ISBN Numbers

Gray Dog Press is not an authorized reseller of ISBN Numbers. If you want an ISBN number we recommend contacting one of the providers authorized by Bowker to sell single ISBN numbers. You can contact us for recommendations.

Copyright and Permissions

Gray Dog Press does not submit your work to the United States Copyright Office. We will provide, upon request and at no charge after we have completed the setup for the book, a PDF file specifically for submission to the copyright office.

Also, Gray Dog Press does not make any claim to your work in regards to the layout, design, or content. Once the setup time has been paid for, you own all rights to all work done by us.

Sales Tax

If you live in the State of Washington unless we have on file at the time of payment a valid Washington State Reseller Permit by law we have to charge sales tax on the purchase of the books. Please note: the UBI number from your business license does not suffice. A Washington State Reseller Permit is easily obtainable from the Department of Revenue and take about 10 days to process.